Quick Product Import



Quick Product Import operates on a usage plan billing model, and charges are applied per uploaded product. Like other Shopify apps, all charges accrued within the app will be applied to your monthly Shopify subscription bill.

The benefit of a usage plan is that merchants are charged based on their usage level of the app.

Usage plans allow merchants to subscribe to a service tier. Each tier includes a maximum cost associated with a maximum level of services rendered.

See Shopify's usage plan documentation for more information.

Like other Shopify apps, Quick Product Import requires that merchants consent to charges before select services can be rendered. Merchants have the ability to consent to charges by initiating a usage plan.

A usage plan can be initiated or upgraded:

  • At the time of installation
  • In the settings window accessed via the home page

Merchant consent is also required before initiating an upload, and the merchant will be made aware of the costs that an upload will accrue and given the opportunity to confirm or decline the charges.

Upload Costs

Quick Product Import charges $.02 (2 cents) per product upload.

What Counts as a Product?

Our definition of "product" aligns exactly with Shopify's. This means a product includes all images and variants associated with it, even though images and variants occupy their own rows on the .CSV spreadsheet.

Skip Costs

By default, Quick Product Import will skip product upload attempts corresponding with handles that already exist in your Shopify store inventory (this behaviour can be changed from the settings page). This action will accrue a $.01 (1 cent) charge that will count towards monthly usage.

Plan Options

Free Tier

Your first 50 products every month are free. No usage plan is required to access this tier.

If you have a usage plan, charges for a month will not begin until you have surpassed the first 50 products that are included in the free tier.

Standard Tier

Up to $15 per month

After the free 50 first uploads, the standard tier allows up to $15.00 of usage. Without upload skips, this amounts to 750 product uploads.

Premium Tier

Up to $30 per month

After the free 50 first uploads, the premium tier allows up to $30.00 of usage. Without upload skips, this amounts to 1500 product uploads.

Upload Cancellations

Uploads can be cancelled while they are pending, or before they have finished. Any product upload costs accrued before cancellation will be applied.