Quick Product Import

General Usage

General Usage

The Quick Product Import workflow is divided into 3 steps:

  • importing a .CSV file
  • mapping column values (if necessary)
  • uploading your .CSV file to your Shopify inventory.

Step 1: Import

This step entails importing a .CSV file that is the correct file type and is compatible with Quick Product Import. If you have any trouble at this step, please refer to the spreadsheet documentation where templates can be downloaded to simplify the import process.

Row Types
Field Information

Step 2: Mapping

Mapping allows merchants to customize their .CSV files, harness the full capabilities of product and variant metafields, and save their custom mapping settings to develop faster workflows for future uploads.

Verify Import

Step 3: Upload

As the final step, the upload process is the point in the Quick Product Import usage cycle where products are added to your Shopify store. After initiating an upload, your estimated wait time is updated constantly.

Upload Timer
Revert Upload