Quick Product Import



Spreadsheet templates are the tools through which Quick Product Import becomes powerful. Spreadsheet freedom is and usability is also an area that Quick Product Import aims to provide a uniquely effective experience.

Default Template

Text about the default template, and the ability to download it.

Template Creation

On the home page of the app, merchants have the ability to create and download a custom template. This feature may be useful if your products do not require the full list of field headers that appear on the default template. By downloading a custom template, you can deal only with the required fields and any optional fields that you desire to work with.

Note: This feature is only supported in Google Chrome.

Adding Data to Your Spreadsheet

Once you have downloaded the sample spreadsheet or the blank template, you have created your own template, or you are using a totally custom spreadsheet, adding data occurs by adding: Base Product Rows, Image Rows, and Variant Rows to the spreadsheet. To understand more about how these rows work with eachother, see row types

Metafield Support

Including columns with custom header values will result in the ability to create a custom metafield mapping. Continue to metafields to learn more.