Quick Product Import



Images are easy to upload with Quick Product Import. Each row type has access to the Image Src and Image Alt fields.

Uploading images is as simple as including an image link for the rows you want images to be associated with.

Uploading Multiple Images per Product

After you have associated a link with the Image Src field of a base product row, there are two ways to add additional images:

  1. Adding Image Rows
  2. Adding Variant Rows that include Image Src values

Any images added via Image Rows will be uploaded to the collection of images associated with the product that is represented by the Base Product Row most nearly above.

Any images added via Variant Rows will be uploaded in the same way, but they will also be linked to the designated variant of the product.

Image Alt Text

All images uploaded via Quick Product Import support alt text. This is an important field to consider, and it is hgihly recommended to include alt text values for all images uploaded with your products.

Click here to learn more about using alt text effectively.

Image Best Practices

Since Quick Product Import requires image links for image upload, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. It is strongly recommended to only use image links that are generated via Shopify file upload (see "Uploading Images" to learn more)
  2. It is possible to use image links from third-party websites, but for best results, doing so should be avoided if possible.