Quick Product Import

Field Information

Field Information

For more information about the differences between base product, variant, and image rows, see row type documentation.

Field Types

HeaderDescriptionAccepted Values
HandleHandle of the base productText
TitleTitle of the base productText
Body (HTML)Product description that will appear on product pageText / HTML
Image SrcURL of imageText
Image Alt TextAlt text of associated row imageText
SEO TitleProduct title that will appear on search results pagesText
SEO DescriptionProduct description that will appear on search results pagesText
TypeType of productText
TagsAll tags associated with the productComma Seperated Text
StatusProduct status following uploadACTIVE / DRAFT / ARCHIVE
PublishedWhether product is published after uploadBoolean
Variant SKUSKU of variant or base variantText
Variant PricePrice of variant or base variantDecimal
VendorName of vendorText
Option1 NameName of Option 1Text
Option1 ValueVariant or base variant value of Option 1Text
Option2 NameName of Option 2Text
Option2 ValueVariant or base variant value of Option 2Text
Option3 NameName of Option 3Text
Option3 ValueVariant or base variant value of Option 3Text
Join CollectionsAll collections for product to join after uploadComma Seperated Text
Leave Collections(If overwriting) All collections for product to leave after overwriteComma Seperated Text
Variant PositionOrder in which a variant will appear on product pageNumber
Variant WeightNumerical product weightDecimal
Variant Inventory QtyNumerical variant inventory quantityNumber
Variant Inventory LocationLocation for which to associate product inventoryText
Variant Inventory PolicyWhether to accept orders if variant or base variant inventory is 0Continue / Deny
Variant Inventory TrackedWhether Shopify updates variant inventory after a saleBoolean
Variant Inventory ManagementInventory management system used for a variantFULLFILMENT_SERVICE, NOT_MANAGED, SHOPIFY
Variant Compare At PriceCompetitor or non-discount price for variantNumber
Variant Requires ShippingWhether a variant is to be shipped after a saleBoolean
Variant Requires TaxableWhether a variant is taxable after a saleBoolean
Variant Tax CodeTax code for variantText
Variant BarcodeBarcode for variantText
Cost Per ItemProduct cost to replenish unitNumber
Gift CardWhether a product is a gift cardBoolean

Accepted Values Key

StringSimple textThis is a string
String / HTMLText with HTML capabilitiesThis is a string
Comma Separated StringsSimple text seperated by commasString 1, String 2
NumberA number value with no decimal30
DecimalA number value with a decimal26.77
BooleanEither TRUE or FALSETRUE