Quick Product Import

Verify Import

Verify Import

The Verify Import screen allows a final glance at your imported .CSV file before initiating an upload.

Example of Quick Product Import's verify import screen.'

Table View

The Verify Import screen is displayed in a table layout. The rows that are visible are the base products and variants associated with your upload; all image rows are hidden.

Image Previews

All visible rows in the table view can be clicked on to see a preview of the images(s) associated with the base product or variant. For base products, merchants see an image gallery that displays all images associated with a product. For variant rows, merchants will see only the single image that is associated with that variant.

Inspected Field

The Verify Import screen is designed to quickly verify that your products are ready for upload. As a result, certain key pieces of product data is are always visible on a row, but there exists an option to view the values of any other field via the inspected field option. This feature allows the merchant to quickly glance through the values of optional and custom fields.

Disable Verify Import

Note: To make the upload process even quicker, the Verify Import screen can be disabled from the settings page.