Quick Product Import

Upload Timer

Upload Timer

The Upload Timer screen allows merchants to know how much time is remaining on their upload.

Example of Quick Product Import's upload timer.

Time Remaining

When a merchant's upload is actively being handled by Quick Product Import, the merchant will be able to see an approximation of the time remaining before the upload is complete.

Position in Queue

When Quick Product Import is experiencing high amounts of traffic, it is possible for a merhcant's upload to be placed in a pre-upload queue. When this is the case, merchants will be able to keep track of their position in the queue, and the estimated time before their upload begins.

When a merchant's upload advances into active upload status, the Upload Timer will update to show the time remaining on the active upload.

Cancelling an Upload

Uploads can be cancelled at any point during the upload process. Cancelling an upload will remove any products from your store that may have already been added before the upload was cancelled.

Due to the server costs associated with handling an upload cancellation, a reduced per-product fee will be charged based on the number of products in your cancelled upload. See upload cancellations on the pricing page for more information.