Quick Product Import

File Drop

File Drop

The first step to importing and uploading inventory with Quick Product Import is by utilizing the drop zone on the home page of the app.

Example of Quick Product Import's drop zone for file import.

Working with .CSV Files

Quick Product Import accepts only .CSV files. The drop zone accepts one file at a time. The drop zone will present an error if either of these conditions are not met.

After Successful File Drop

Once Quick Product Import successfully parses your .CSV file, the app will advance to either:

The screen your app will advance to is based on the details of your imported file and your saved app settings.

Other Errors

After dropiing a .CSV file, there are a number of errors that Quick Product Import will detect that will prevent merchants from advancing. If this should occur, details of the error will be presented in a banner above the drop zone. In many cases, the exact line of the spreadsheet on which the error occurs will be reported.